Based on technology and guaranteed by management
Achieve continuous safe production

Laya resolutely builds a line of "intrinsic safety" defense, implements a safety responsibility system, signs safety responsibility letters step by step, establishes a professional safety management team , regularly conducts safety training for all employees and various emergency drills, and is equipped with a complete safety fire system and monitoring and alarm systems, carry out safety production supervision, improve emergency management mechanisms, and continuously improve emergency response capabilities.

We ensure the safety of our employees at all times

Laya has established a professional safety management team, conducts regular training for all employees, implements a safety responsibility system, and establishes safety awareness among all employees. At the same time, Laya uses information detection and monitoring technology to install monitoring and alarm systems throughout the factory and is equipped with complete fire protection facilities. In addition, Laya also promotes safety production standardization, conducts in-depth safety production supervision, improves emergency management mechanisms, and continuously improves emergency response capabilities.

intrinsically safe

Laya invests 2% of its total sales every year in production safety and is equipped with automatic fire extinguishing systems, including foam fire extinguishing systems, fire water fire extinguishing systems and other complete fire safety systems. The fire control center conducts all-round real-time video surveillance of the factory area and arranges personnel to be on duty 24 hours a day.

process control

The Laya fire protection system is connected to the city fire control center and is equipped with gas monitoring, temperature and smoke detection systems, as well as automatic sprinkler and automatic ventilation devices. In the event of an unexpected safety incident during the production process, causing changes in indoor temperature and gas concentration, the detection system can detect the abnormality at the first time and send out an alarm signal, automatically turn on the ventilation device and notify the personnel to carry out emergency evacuation, in order to achieve the purpose of remote control.

Emergency Rescue

In order to effectively strengthen production safety management and improve emergency response capabilities, Laya regularly organizes production safety training and emergency response training, cultivates production safety awareness, masters production safety knowledge, familiarizes itself with the operating procedures of various equipment and various protective measures, and regularly carries out various Special drills, on-site drills, and comprehensive emergency drills are conducted to enhance the company's early emergency response capabilities.

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