Celebrating the end, looking forward to gathering again | A wonderful review of the 134th Canton Fair of Laya


The 134th China Import and Export Fair


On-Spot News


The 134th Canton Fair will be held in Guangzhou on October 15th. Compared to the previous Canton Fair, the total exhibition area of the 134th Canton Fair increased by 50000 square meters, reaching 1.55 million square meters. The number and quality of participating companies have reached a new historical high.

This Canton Fair has attracted over 100000 overseas buyers from over 200 countries and regions, a significant increase compared to the previous one. Among them, the number of purchasers registered in Europe and the United States increased by 8.6% over the same period of the previous year, the number of purchasers in the "the Belt and Road" co construction countries increased by 11.2%, and the number of purchasers in RCEP countries increased by 13.8%.

The grand gathering of thousands of merchants on site not only showcases the powerful charm of the Canton Fair to the world, but also demonstrates China's unwavering determination to expand its opening-up to the outside world.


Exhibition Review



At this exhibition, Laya showcased its aerosol series products, covering fields such as automotive maintenance, industrial maintenance, environmental protection, and pest control.



During the exhibition, there was a constant stream of domestic and foreign exhibitors visiting, and the Laya business team warmly introduced Laya's exhibition products and services to every purchaser who came to consult.


At this year's Canton Fair, Laya fully demonstrated its professionalism and research and development capabilities in the field of aerosols. Through close conversations, many customers had a more intuitive understanding of Laya's overall solutions. The company's high-quality products and meticulous professional services also won the favor of many domestic and foreign customers present.


Future outlook


Through this exhibition, Laya has reached multiple cooperation intentions with numerous customers, laying a more solid foundation for the development of the enterprise and injecting a shot of adrenaline into the development of the aerosol industry. In the future, Laya will continue to actively explore the field of aerosols, adhere to independent innovation, and continue to provide customers with higher quality products and more satisfactory services. Laya has always taken it as its responsibility to pass on the chemical solutions of aerosols, prioritizing environmental protection, safety, and quality. With green technology, excellent quality, and professional services, it aims to create a people-oriented international technology enterprise.


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