Implementing the Quality Strong Enterprise Strategy and Promoting Continuous Quality Improvement - Laya Holds the 2023


Implementing the Quality Strong Enterprise Strategy to Promote Continuous Quality Improvement

In order to fully implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, implement the strategy of building a strong quality country, and further promote the steady improvement of quality and efficiency, Guangdong Laya New Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. held a "Quality Month" mobilization meeting on the afternoon of September 12th with the theme of "Implementing the strategy of building a strong quality enterprise and promoting continuous improvement of quality".

This year is the 46th Quality Month in China. During the Month, Laya will organize activities such as "Quality Knowledge Competition, Quality Skills Competition, Quality Knowledge and Case Training" to enhance the awareness and understanding of quality among all employees, enhance their quality management level, and enhance their quality awareness.

The "Quality Month" mobilization meeting has three contents in total. The first is why the Quality Month activity should be carried out; The second is the relationship between quality and each of us; The third is how to improve quality.

At the mobilization meeting, Quality Manager Yang Xiangyong first emphasized to all employees the purpose and importance of carrying out the "Quality Month" activity.

In recent years, quality issues have received increasing attention from the country. For enterprises, "quality" is the foundation of Laya's survival and development, and is related to the fate of the company. Once there is a problem with product quality, it not only damages the company's image but also causes significant economic losses. Therefore, all employees of Laya must abandon and eliminate the idea of "feeling good about themselves", always remain clear headed, fully understand customer needs, and adhere to customer orientation.

During this period, Quality Manager Yang Xiangyong used the work of each department as an example to explain in detail the relationship between quality and each of us.

Quality not only refers to product quality, but also includes work quality and service quality. In addition to direct production personnel, the work quality of other auxiliary department personnel will also affect product quality. Quality is not the responsibility of any individual or position, but of every employee in the company, and it is closely related to each and every one of us.

Subsequently, the Quality Manager Yang Xiangyong put forward specific requirements to all employees on how to do a good job in quality.

He said that every employee of Laya is the main body of quality responsibility, and everyone should strictly fulfill their duties and responsibilities in their work, focusing on the details. Take every detail of work seriously and strive for perfection in the work.

Subsequently, Yang Xiangyong, the Quality Department Manager, once again conveyed the spirit of the speech made by Laya Chairman Leung Wai ming at the mid year summary meeting on "how to fulfill responsibilities": in the face of a sluggish market economy, all departments should have a strong sense of urgency and mission, adhere to the goals set at the beginning of the year, change their concepts and work methods, improve work quality and efficiency, and fully mobilize everyone's subjective initiative and coordination, accurately grasp the needs of each customer, and deeply implement the concept of all staff marketing. All departments should implement this support into their daily work actions, in order to meet the urgent needs of customers and market places! Each department should have a sense of crisis and firmly establish cost awareness, efficiency awareness, safety awareness, and quality awareness to ensure the efficient, smooth, and orderly operation of the company. Only in this way can we do our work well and ensure quality!

Finally, Quality Manager Yang Xiangyong emphasized that the competition between the future market and the brand is the competition between safety and quality. He hopes that all employees will continue to overcome difficulties, work hard, and make quality work more detailed and practical, so that Laya can operate more healthily and steadily.

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