Laya Holds a National Chemical (Hazardous Chemicals) Enterprise Implementation of Safety Production Main Responsibility Training Spirit Promotion Meeting

Knowledge, respect, fear, responsibility, risk control, and ability improvement


From August 26th to 30th, the Central Party School (National School of Administration), the Ministry of Emergency Management, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the State owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, the State Grain and Material Reserve Bureau, and the All China Federation of Industry and Commerce jointly held a video training course on the implementation of the main responsibility for safety production by the main leaders of national chemical (hazardous chemical) enterprises. For the first time, the "first responsible person" of national chemical (hazardous chemical) enterprises was synchronously trained through live streaming. Xin Lin, the General Manager of Guangdong Laya New Chemical Technology Co., Ltd., participated in this training as the main person in charge of the enterprise.

In order to deeply study and implement the important discourse on safety production, further promote the implementation of the company's main responsibility for safety production, and improve the level of enterprise safety production, Guangdong Laya New Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. held a national chemical (hazardous chemical) enterprise implementation of safety production main responsibility training spirit promotion meeting on the afternoon of September 12. Laya General Manager Xinlin shared the content of this safety production video training.

At the meeting, General Manager Xin Lin introduced the basic situation of video training and further confirmed the importance of safety production by combining typical domestic accident cases and various data.

During this period, General Manager Xin Lin put forward opinions and requirements on how to attach importance to safety production work. He stated that enterprises should prioritize the people and life, and coordinate safety and development. Laya employees need to elevate their political stance and have a strong sense of responsibility and mission. Enterprises must strictly manage in accordance with laws, regulations, and national standards. There are no shortcuts to safety management work, and they must strictly abide by safety management systems and operate in strict accordance with operating procedures.

Subsequently, General Manager Xin Lin of Laya proposed the following requirements for safety production management work. He emphasized the need to strictly implement the safety production responsibility system for all employees; Strictly implement the safety management system, strictly follow the operating procedures for production operations, special operations, and major hazard source management; Strengthen legal training, skill enhancement training, case education, and other types of education and training work; Focusing on "one prevention and three improvements" (preventing major accidents, improving safety levels, enhancing personnel skills, and enhancing safety management quality and efficiency), implementing a dual prevention mechanism; Strictly implement all emergency rescue work; Strictly control major hazards; Zero tolerance for violations and illegal activities, managing safety is managing hidden dangers! Manage risks!

Finally, General Manager Xin Lin shared 9 safety production management concepts with all employees present:
1. It is necessary to achieve "zero mistakes", otherwise it will be "zero mistakes".
2. Ensuring safety is the greatest care for employees!
3. The accident is not far from us! Not having accidents for many years does not mean not having earth shattering accidents.
4. If an enterprise does not eliminate accidents, accidents will eliminate the enterprise!
5. Treat other people's accidents as your own accident analysis, and analyze your own shortcomings from other people's accidents!
6. Treat past accidents as today's accidents and learn from them.
7. Carry out safety management for all staff, throughout the entire process, 24/7, and in all aspects.
Any accident can be avoided.
9. Knowing reverence cannot be ignored.

After the speech, Zhao Yuan, the person in charge of safety at Laya, summarized the meeting and stated that all employees of Laya must strictly implement the content of the meeting, improve their political stance, perform their duties, and abide by laws and regulations. Always put safety first, establish the idea of "safety production above all else", and never have any sense of luck. All employees of Laya must adhere to the concept of safe development, firmly adhere to the bottom line of safety, make safety a habit, and ensure Laya's sustained, stable, and healthy development.

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