We are committed to
providing employees with a safe workplace

Only by ensuring the health of employees can we achieve greater production efficiency. For us, the physical and mental health of our employees is of utmost importance. We value every member of Laya and create a harmless working environment so that employees can work with peace of mind.

We always care about the health of our employees

Laya entrusts a third party to conduct regular hazardous factor testing to identify, evaluate and control risks at the work site; it provides regular occupational health examinations and establishes and improves employee occupational health files.In addition, the company also provides employees with reasonable labor protection supplies, sets up complete sanitation facilities to remove dust and reduce noise in the workplace, and equips toxic and flammable gas detectors, striving to create a harmless working environment.

Harmless working environment

The factory has advanced waste gas collection devices, with a waste gas collection rate of up to 95%. It entrusts an occupational health technical service agency with corresponding qualifications to conduct a hazardous factor test every year to ensure that the hazardous factors in the workplace are within standard values ??and to protect the health of employees.

Fully equipped with labor protection supplies

According to the environmental requirements of different workplaces and the characteristics of various risk factors in operations, and with reference to the requirements of the "Rules for the Selection of Labor Protection Equipment", employees are equipped with labor protection supplies prescribed by the state.

Employee humanistic care

Laya entrusts a third party to regularly conduct hazardous factor testing and employee occupational health and mental health examinations, and establish and improve employee occupational health files.

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