Laya has 14 production lines, nearly 200 sets of R&D testing equipment and a high-quality chemical talent team, including raw material formula developers. Expert, packaging material expert, provincial expert, aerosol industry award winner, participant in international and domestic standard setters.Laya has owned it for nearly 30 years Aerosol research and development advantages, with thousands of advanced environmentally friendly formulas in reserve.Products cover sanitation and insecticide, car care, home cleaning and maintenance, Industrial care, air freshening, disinfection and other fields can fully meet users' daily life and work needs.

Integrated advantages Tailored full-chain solutions

We have 30 years of professional experience in chemical production and have in-depth understanding of aerosols, inks, etc.Be a trusted advisor and partner to manufacturers in the chemical industry. We take a completely bespoke approach, Helping you solve any challenge across the entire chemical value chain.

  • Innovation planning

    Understand market trends in real time, conduct research and analysis on competing products and user needs, plan products based on research data, including product naming, refining selling points, packaging solutions and advertising creativity, etc., prepare pricing strategies and promotional copywriting, and assist the sales department in marketing promotions .

  • Custom Development

    Market-oriented, quickly respond to customer needs and provide personalized product customization and development services. Use process management and standardized design to shorten the R&D cycle, control design details, and ensure that R&D formulas, product raw materials, packaging material selection, project costs, and manufacturing processes are correct and meet customer and regulatory requirements.

  • Technical Support

    It has a professional technical team to provide technical consultation, resource library construction and professional training. Carry out product safety risk assessment, provide compliance review, promptly respond to customer requirements after sales, handle returns and crisis, and conduct abnormal analysis and quality improvement of products.

  • modern production

    Create a complete production system, compliant factories, complete supporting facilities and first-class aerosol production lines. During the production process, strict control and comprehensive quality management are carried out to ensure that the products are safe and qualified; a stable supply chain is established to ensure on-time delivery.

  • Package Design

    Based on project planning and customer needs, we provide services such as packaging graphic design, structural design, and creative design. Laya has formed a close design chain with suppliers and professional design companies, integrating rich design resources to provide customers with product packaging that meets their product positioning and marketing needs.

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