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We lead the chemical industry with innovation and are committed to providing more efficient, convenient and high-quality products and services to household, automotive, industrial and ink companies. While we fully meet the daily needs of users, we also protect their health.

  • Environmental friendly quick drying ink series

    Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, fast drying, stable printing adaptability, good adhesion


    Adopting environmentally friendly formulas that are harmless to the environment; The ink film is sturdy and has excellent wear resistance and drying performance; Has good printing adaptability and transferability, with clear printing dots, bright colors, high concentration, and good gloss.

    Product category

    Environmentally friendly offset printing single sheet ink, UV cured ink and varnish, environmentally friendly offset printing rotary ink, label cigarette packaging printing ink and varnish, plastic composite packaging printing ink, maternal and child daily packaging printing ink and adhesive, special ink, environmentally friendly printing raw and auxiliary materials, organic pigments.

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