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We lead the chemical industry with innovation and are committed to providing more efficient, convenient and high-quality products and services to household, automotive, industrial and ink companies. While we fully meet the daily needs of users, we also protect their health.

  • Industrial precision cleaning series

    No pungent smell, quick to clean, easy to evaporate, no residue, good protective performance


    Adopting a brand new environmentally friendly formula, it has a low odor and is not pungent. It quickly removes harmful substances such as rosin, welding rust, dust, oil stains, salt, metal powder, moisture, etc. from the surface of the equipment. It evaporates quickly, is easy to dry, leaves no residue, is non corrosive, and is dustproof and anti-static. It lubricates equipment fibers and extends the service life of electrical equipment.

    Product category

    (1) Precision instrument cleaning and care category: non combustible precision instrument cleaning agents, dust removal sprays;

    (2) Industrial cleaning and maintenance: universal derusting lubricating oil, release agent, welding splash proof spray, leak detection agent.

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