Focus on customer needs
to create green products

We lead the chemical industry with innovation and are committed to providing more efficient, convenient and high-quality products and services to household, automotive, industrial and ink companies. While we fully meet the daily needs of users, we also protect their health.

  • Efficient Automotive Maintenance Series

    Complete categories, efficient and environmentally friendly cleaning and maintenance


    We have close cooperative relationships with multiple European and American automotive product manufacturers, jointly developing deep maintenance products suitable for various important systems of automobiles, in order to improve automobile performance, improve automobile emissions, and extend the service life of automobiles.

    Product category

    (1) Cleaning and care: carburetor cleaner, instrument panel polish, asphalt cleaner, universal foam cleaner, engine compartment cleaner;

    (2) Deep maintenance category: throttle valve cleaning agent, throttle valve and parts cleaning agent, brake cleaning agent, advanced fuel injector cleaning agent, intake system cleaning agent, and ternary catalyst cleaning agent.

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