Focus on customer needs
to create green products

We lead the chemical industry with innovation and are committed to providing more efficient, convenient and high-quality products and services to household, automotive, industrial and ink companies. While we fully meet the daily needs of users, we also protect their health.

  • All dimensional home cleaning series

    Sterilization, disinfection, non irritating, non polluting, and non corrosive


    Diversified home cleaning products not only meet the daily cleaning needs of various points in the home, but also create a more warm and comfortable living environment for users.

    Product category

    (1) Electrical appliances: air conditioner cleaning agent, refrigerator disinfectant, electrical descaling agent, universal household appliance cleaning kit, electronic instrument cleaning and dust removal agent;

    (2) Home specific: bathroom cleaner, kitchen cleaner, fabric cleaner, disinfectant, home cleaner, formaldehyde remover.

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