Embracing Dreams and Striving Ahead - Laya 2021 Annual Summary and Commendation Conference and Youth League Dinner held grandly


With dreams in mind, forge ahead

On January 25, 2022, the 2022 Annual Summary Conference and Youth League Dinner of Guangdong Laya New Chemical Technology Co., Ltd., "Embracing Dreams and Striving Forward," was grandly held at the Shaoguan Moer City Holiday Hotel. Laya's senior management and all employees strictly followed the epidemic prevention requirements and participated in this conference.


Annual Review Planning for the Future

The conference first broadcasted a retrospective video of Laya for 2021 to all employees, showcasing the significant events and brilliant achievements that have occurred in the past year.

After watching the video, General Manager of Laya, Xin Lin, delivered a summary speech for the year 2021. He stated that in 2021, various departments of Laya worked together and closely cooperated, steadily advancing various key tasks, and achieved significant results:

  1. Continuously promoting high-quality development and receiving multiple honors and awards.

  2. Successfully developed well-known brand customers, with stable sales for existing customers.

  3. Successfully completed the renewal review of the safety production license, ensuring the normal operation of the company's production and business activities.

  4. Actively completing the development of new products and the improvement of old products, with significant achievements in process technology improvement.

  5. The construction of the ISO system is steadily progressing, and new achievements have been made in quality improvement.

  6. Vigorously promoting equipment upgrading and transformation, significantly improving equipment automation level and production capacity.

  7. Advance planning, active coordination, effective warehousing and logistics control, and improved production and operation efficiency.

  8. The production backbone is stable, and there are many improvements in the production site, resulting in a simultaneous increase in safety, quality, and efficiency.

  9. Actively promote the quality improvement of suppliers and fully guarantee the supply of raw materials.

  10. The construction of a learning oriented corporate culture has achieved initial results, and employee benefits have been improved.

  11. The second phase of the project has been successfully completed.


General Manager of Laya, Xin Lin, fully affirmed the work achievements of Laya in the past year, while also pointing out the shortcomings in the work. He hopes that all Laya people can summarize their experience, continue to work hard, and work harder with a higher fighting spirit to achieve the goals of 2022.

Next, Qian Jiannong, Executive Vice General Manager of Laya, took the stage to deliver a speech on the 2022 Business Goals and Key Work Report, deploying the main business goals and key work tasks for 2022, and proposing the overall work policy of Laya for 2022, which is "seeking progress while maintaining stability, and innovating through change.".

Subsequently, Chairman Leung Wai ming of Laya delivered a speech on the company's business goals and development plans for the next five years, giving full recognition to the company's achievements in the past year and pointing out the work tasks and requirements for Laya for the next five years. He emphasized that in the next five years, Laya will establish a mechanism for all staff marketing, develop new high-quality large customers, complete the construction of the third phase of the project, comprehensively upgrade and transform equipment, fully cover lean management, and improve the quality and ability of technical experts and management teams to achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase. By 2026, the company's sales revenue will double.

Next, the conference entered a group discussion session, where each participating group discussed the summary report of Laya for 2021, the 2022 business goals and key work report, and the development plan for Laya for the next five years. The employees actively expressed their opinions and opinions, and the on-site discussion was in full swing.

After the discussion, representatives from each discussion group took the stage to give presentations and clarify their future work tasks and requirements.


Awards for excellence and setting an example

The development of Laya cannot be separated from the hard work of its employees. In the past year, Laya has produced a group of excellent employees and teams, making significant contributions to its development. In order to recognize the advanced and set an example, the company has selected a group of advanced collectives and individuals for commendation and rewards.


Excellent Employee Award



Special Contribution Award


Excellent Team Award

Major Project Award

(Third Prize of Major Project Award)

(Second Prize of Major Project Award)

(First Prize of Major Project Award)


Sharing a Feast of Joy and Laughter

Accompanied by the deafening sound of drums, an explosive and passionate opening dance instantly ignited the atmosphere of the whole venue, and also opened the curtain of the 2021 annual reunion banquet.

After the dance, General Manager Xin Lin of Laya took the stage to deliver a speech, expressing gratitude to all Laya employees for their hard work and sending warm greetings and good wishes to all present.

Subsequently, the management of Laya took the stage and opened a toasting ceremony for the New Year's Eve banquet.

Amidst waves of applause, the dance performance team once again brought two distinctly different styles of dance to the entire group. The lively ancient style dance and wild hot dance both dazzled the audience and pushed the atmosphere to a climax.

On stage, there is constant excitement, while off stage, laughter and cheers intertwine, creating a harmonious atmosphere.

Accompanied by laughter and joy, the dinner came to a close, marking a successful conclusion to the hard work and animation of all Laya people over the past year. 2021 has quietly ended with the sound of the New Year's bell, and 2022 is approaching all Laya people with a grand momentum. Looking ahead to the future, Laya will steadfastly implement the overall work policy for 2022, unite as one, work hard, strive for progress while maintaining stability, transform and innovate, and strive to achieve Laya's five-year strategic goals!

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